Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Coffee with the Skwish

The Skwish is very chatty & purr-tastic in the mornings; he usually waits until its light & then proceeds to walk all over us--and he has a talent for putting all his weight on 1 foot...while purring & meowing at the same time; cute & painful...
After waking us up, we stagger down the stairs & make coffee & usually end up on the little couch where we can watch the chickens out the big window; Skwishy Cat invites himself & loves to meow & head-but the I-Pad, book, or coffee that is presently in hand...until he gets his fill of pets for the morning.

He then announces his departure & jumps down with the tail swishing: wandering away to new adventures for the day... Usually ending up at the food bowl : )

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